LOBBY (v., n.)の意味、(政治家などに)働きかける(動)、陳情団、圧力団体(名)

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2006.02.23(Review of 2004.01.13 edition)

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Business and politics have always had a close relationship. And like many relationships, it sometimes takes the encouragement of an interested friend to get things started!

Today's Lesson
LOBBY (v., n.)


  • To lobby a politician, government organization, or other important persons is to try to persuade them to support a particular policy, industry, or group.

    A lobby is a group of people all lobbying for the same policy, industry, or group.

    A lobbyist is someone whose job is to lobby politicians, etc.
  • lobby(動詞)は、特定の方針、事業、団体を支えるために政治家や政府組織、重要人物を説得しようとする、という意味です。

    lobby (名詞)は、同じ方針、事業、団体のために圧力をかけている一団の人々のことです。

    lobbyist は、政治家などに働きかけることを仕事にしている人のことです。


  1. He has spent the last ten years lobbying hard for organic farmers.
  2. The organization's Web site is encouraging people to lobby against oil drilling in the wildlife refuge.
  3. A group of entrepreneurs is lobbying the city government to give small businesses more tax breaks.
  4. As the country ages, the senior citizens' lobby will become more influential.
  5. My wife is a lobbyist for the steel industry.

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