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2007.05.21(Review of 2003.10.06 edition)


One of the many important factors one considers when selecting a place to live or vacation in is the climate (= the general weather conditions of an area). “Climate” is also an important consideration for business people looking to start operations in another part of the world. Only, it's not the weather they're concerned about...

Today's Lesson


  • The business climate of an area is the area's economic, political, and social environment as it affects business.
  • business climate は、ある地域でのビジネスに影響を及ぼすような、経済的、政治的、社会的な環境や状況のことです。



  1. (presentation to the Board of Directors)
    If we set up our new corporate headquarters there, we would also benefit from the area's highly favorable business climate, including low construction costs, low state and local income taxes, and proximity to a world-class research university.
  2. (candidate for governor during a campaign speech)
    As mayor of Berlitz Town, I worked hard to improve my city's business climate and succeeded in attracting over $20 million in new investment.
  3. (an economist during a press interview)
    Economic recovery in the region will depend on our ability to develop a strong business climate.
  4. The government could help create a healthier business climate by providing low-interest loans and tax breaks to investors.

英会話レッスンYou'll be hearing a lot more about the conditions that determine an area's business climate, all this week. See you tomorrow!