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With all that's been said about the current "information revolution," it's easy to forget that an even greater revolution of this kind was unleashed nearly 600 years ago. In the first half of the 15th century, the Gutenberg press finally made it possible to disseminate printed material to the masses, giving rise to newspapers, scholarly journals, a bible in every European home, and a public library in every city center. So it's in honor of what's been hailed as "the most important invention of the second millennium" that we'll be investigating the work that takes place before they "Start the presses!"

Today's Lesson
PUBLISH   出版する、発表する、公開する


  • To publish a book, magazine, newspaper, etc., is to print and sell it (or have it printed and sold).

    To publish an article, academic paper, etc., is to print it (or have it printed) in a magazine, newspaper, etc

    To publish something on the Internet is to make it available online.

    A publisher is a person or company in the business of publishing.
  • 書籍、雑誌、新聞などについて publish と言うと、印刷して販売する(または、そのようにしてもらう)という意味です。

    記事や学術論文などについて publish と言うと、雑誌や新聞などに掲載する(または、そのようにしてもらう)という意味です。

    インターネット上において publish と言うと、何かをインターネットで見られるようにする、という意味になります。
    publisher とは、出版に従事する人や会社、つまり、出版業者のことです。



  1. We publish and distribute children's books and educational magazines.
  2. It's an industry journal that's published monthly.
  3. My paper on the impact of decreasing oil production on commodity prices was published in the last issue of Berlitz Trading Quarterly.
  4. We've been publishing Allen's financial blog on the company's Web site for years.
  5. a: What do you do for a living?
    b: I'm a magazine publisher.
    a: Oh, really? I've often thought about going into publishing (= the publishing business).

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