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2008.09.01(Review of 2005.01.27 edition)

Welcome back!

September is here, which means another summer has come and gone. It's back to work for students, their parents, and everyone else lucky enough to have a job these days.

We're going to use this week to look at some broad categories of economic activity. We'll begin with a couple of general terms for such categories.


  • A sector is one part of a nation's economy.

    An industry (countable noun) is the group of companies involved in a particular kind of business.
  • sector とは、国の経済の一部分、つまり、部門や分野のことです。

    industry を、数えられる名詞として使った場合、ある特定の事業に従事する会社の集まり、つまり、産業のことです。



  1. The stock market is commonly divided into 11 sectors including, for example, transportation, technology, energy, capital goods, and communication services.
  2. The decline in stock prices hit the financial sector hard, especially smaller banks.
  3. China's steel industry has been facing rapidly increasing demand from the booming construction industry.
  4. (fictional news story)
    In its first five years of business, Berlitz Tours has already grabbed nearly 40% of market share, becoming one of the travel industry's greatest success stories.
  5. I try to keep up with trends in the industry by reading important industry publications.

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