(environmental) IMPACTの意味、(環境への)影響

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Here's an expression that packs a punch!

Today's Lesson
(environmental) IMPACT   (環境への)影響


  • An impact is the strong effect someone or something has on another person or thing.
  • impact とは、誰かや何かが、他者やものに対して与える強い効果、つまり、影響のことです。

(environmental) IMPACT


  1. He was my mentor when I was still fresh out of college. His guidance had a real impact on my career.
  2. The new advertising campaign has made quite an impact. Sales are up 35%.
  3. We're still studying the potential environmental impacts of the proposed construction.
  4. (government spokesperson)
    We probably won't begin feeling the full impact of the current economic crisis until the end of the year.

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