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2011.05.18 (Review of 2005.02.07 edition)

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Today's Lesson
COMMODITY   商品(一次産品)


  • A commodity is any raw material that can be bought and sold; for example, oil, metals, and farm products such as grain and pork.
  • commodity は、原料のままで売買できる産品をさします。例えば、石油、金属、穀物や豚肉などの農産物などです。



  1. Rubber and cocoa are the country's most important commodities.
  2. The price of basic food commodities often varies greatly from year to year.
  3. Recently, I've begun speculating on the international commodities market.
  4. Sharply higher wholesale commodity prices for oil and natural gas have slowed growth in many sectors of the economy.

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