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2010.06.07(Review of 2006.04.20 edition)

Hello again. It's terrific to be back here with you again! This week we're visiting Well-Established, Inc., where our impeccably dressed hosts are about to take us on a tour of those important departments that deal directly with the making, spending, and managing of the company's funds.

So, if you'll follow us, the tour is about to begin!

Today's Lesson


  • Finance is the business or activity of managing a person's or organization's money.
  • finance とは、個人や組織のお金を管理する仕事、つまり、財務のことです。



  1. a: My aunt has given me some great advice over the years about how to invest my money.
    b: How did she learn so much about finance?
  2. The successful candidate will have a strong background in finance and banking.
  3. Right now the finance department is busy preparing next year's budget.

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