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2011.06.02  (Review of 2007.04.26 edition)

Introducing a would-be expat's best friend!

Today's Lesson


  • A guarantor is a person or organization that guarantees to pay another person's debt or to perform another person's duties if the other person fails to do so.

    In the field of immigration, a guarantor is a person or organization who agrees to be responsible (e.g., legally, morally, or financially) for a foreign national while the foreign national is in the country.
  • guarantor とは、人が借金を払えなくなったり、義務を果たせなくなったりした場合に、その人に代わって借金の支払いや義務の履行をすることを保証する個人や機関のことです。

    移民に関して guarantor と言うと、外国人が、ある国に滞在している間、(法的、道徳的、また経済的な面などで)その人について責任を持つことに同意した個人や機関をさします。



  1. (expat to employer)
    The real estate agent says that I need a guarantor before I can lease the apartment. Would it be all right if I gave her your name?
  2. I've agreed to act as my brother's financial guarantor when he applies for a car loan.
  3. To get a work visa, a foreign national must have a prearranged job and a guarantor living in Japan..

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