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It was Shakespeare who said, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” Of course, Shakespeare was no businessman, but in these troubled economic times, his centuries-old advice must strike many as just another example of the Bard's brilliance!

Today's Lesson
LEND / LOAN   お金を貸す


  • To lend or loan (verb) money is to give someone money that they must pay back in the future.

    A loan (noun) is money that is lent to someone.
  • lend または loan とは、将来返済するという条件で、お金を貸す、という意味です。

    名詞の loan は、貸与されたお金、つまり、融資のことです。



  1. (fictional news report)
    The Bank of Berlitz has agreed to lend the developing nation $35 million to help build an oil pipeline.
  2. Subprime lending is the loaning of money at interest rates higher than the prime rate to people who would not normally qualify for a loan, either because they have lower income or a questionable credit history.
  3. Traditionally, many students in the United States have taken out low-interest student loans to help pay for their college education.
  4. Our business got off the ground so quickly that we were able to pay off all our loans in just three years.

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