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2011.05.31  (Review of 2007.04.24 edition)

Just as the word 外人 can cause non-Japanese to chafe, use of the English word “foreigner” is sometimes best avoided. Here's an alternative (and its opposite) that's frequently used in business and official situations.

Today's Lesson
(FOREIGN/LOCAL) NATIONAL   外国人/(その国の)国民、現地人


  • A foreign national is someone who is NOT a citizen of the country he or she lives in or is visiting.

    A local national is a citizen of the country he or she lives in.
  • foreign national とは、住んでいる国、あるいは訪問先の国の国民ではない人、つまり、外国人のことです。

    local national とは、居住する国の国民である人のことです。



  1. (someone in the HR department of a Japanese firm)
    We've hired two foreign nationals this year - one Canadian and one Australian.
  2. (information on a government Web site)
    Foreign nationals
    wishing to work in this country must apply to the Department of Immigration for a work permit.
  3. Foreign embassies often employ one or more local nationals to help with reception,
    clerical duties, and other such work.

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