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2007.07.10(Review of 2004.11.29 edition)

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Companies use many different strategies to assure consumers that their products are safe and reliable. Here's one of the most common and convincing strategies out there!

Today's Lesson
GUARANTEE (v.) (n.)   保証する、保証


  • In general, to guarantee (verb) something is to make a promise (often a formal one) that something will happen.

    To guarantee (verb) a product is to promise to repair or replace it or refund someone's money if they are not satisfied or if the product becomes defective during a particular period of time.

    A guarantee (noun) is a promise of this kind.
  • 動詞の guarantee は、一般的に(多くの場合、公式に)意図したようになることを請け合う、つまり、保証する、という意味です。

    guarantee a product と言うと、ある製品について、満足できなかったり、所定の期間内に、製品に欠陥が生じたりした場合、修理、交換、返金することを約束する、という意味になります。

    名詞形も guarantee で、保証、という意味です。

GUARANTEE(v.) (n.)


  1. Our supplier has guaranteed us that the lumber we ordered will be delivered on time, despite the recent typhoons.
  2. All our watches are guaranteed for two years.
  3. We guarantee the quality of all our products. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, just send it back for a full refund.
  4. CUSTOMER: Does this rice cooker come with a guarantee?
    SALES CLERK: No, since it's secondhand, I can't promise how long it will work.

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