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2011.05.30  (Review of 2007.04.23 edition)

Greetings, It's great to be back and about to share another week with you!

Many of our readers use what they learn from WordMaster to communicate more effectively with foreign employees in the workplace. Others are, or will soon become, foreign employees themselves while working overseas. So we'll be talking all week about these men and women laboring far from home!

Today's Lesson
EXPAT(RIATE)   国外居住者


  • An expatriate or expat is someone who lives outside his or her own country, usually for an extended period of time.
  • expatriate または expat とは、通常、長期間にわたって自国以外に住んでいる人のことです。



  1. When it's difficult to find locals with the necessary expertise, companies often choose to hire expatriates.
  2. I've been doing some interesting consulting work for a German expatriate living in Madrid.
  3. A lot of Japanese expats have started new lives in New Zealand, where they can enjoy the low cost of living and spectacular natural environment.
  4. So far, most of my friends are from the expat community, but I'd really like to meet more locals.

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