@Work 2010.11.05
There are some things in this world that are simply best avoided whenever possible. Here's one of them.
Today's Lesson
DEBT   借金
A debt is money that you owe someone.

To be in debt is to owe someone money.

To be out of debt is to no longer owe anyone money.
debt とは、誰かに借りているお金のことです。

in debt は、誰かに借金をしている、という意味です。

out of debt は、もう誰にも借金をしていない、という意味です。
1 I haven't done much traveling in the past few years. There are some debts I've been trying to pay off.
2 Credit card debt is a huge problem in that country.
3 After getting my MBA, I was $27,000 in debt.
4 For years the company was deep in debt, but it's finally managed to get back on its feet again.
5 She's working very hard to get out of debt, taking all the overtime she can get. [Hmm... Nice rhyme!]
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