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2010.08.02(Review of 2006.11.20 edition)

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What makes a great leader? Well, how about competence, vision, integrity, the ability to motivate men and women to do their very best, and an attitude of “the buck stops here” when it comes to professional accountability? This kind of real leadership is a rare and precious thing. So we dedicate this week to the true leaders of the business world. What would we do without them?

Today's Lesson
MANAGEMENT / LABOR   経営者 / 労働者


  • Management can mean “the group of people who control or direct a company”.

    Labor can mean “the group of workers in a company, industry, or country”.
  • management とは、会社を管理したり、経営したりする人たち、つまり、経営者をさします。

    labor とは、会社や産業、国家において働く人たち、つまり、労働者をさします。



  1. Our management team - representing over 95 years of experience in the publishing industry - has played a key role in our success.
  2. (company spokesman at news conference)
    Labor and management have returned to the bargaining table, and we're hopeful that an agreement on the new contract can be arrived at soon.
  3. Labor relations in that country have improved considerably, as the gap between rich and poor continues to narrow.
  4. We've just had a very productive meeting with the labor union representatives, and they've agreed to call off the strike.

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