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2007.09.03(Review of 2004.01.30 edition)

The weekend is over, and another promising new week lies ahead. It's great to be here with you again!

It's Week 2 of our series on labor-management negotiations, and the discussion is really heating up. Let's see if, by Friday, we can't reach an agreement that satisfies both sides!

Today's Lesson
(LABOR) UNION   労働組合


  • A labor union or union is an organization of employees that works to promote the interests of its members;
    for example, by bargaining for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.
  • labor union または union とは、労働者の組織で、その構成員の利益を増すために活動するものです。例えば、よりよい賃金や福利厚生、労働条件を求めて、交渉したりします。



  1. (management representative)
    Talks with the labor union have been going well. We expect to reach an agreement on the maternity leave issue any day now.
  2. Union membership in the United States has been declining for half a century. Throughout the 1950s about 30% of American workers belonged to unions. Today fewer than 13% of workers are union members.
  3. (fictional news report)
    The farm workers union has threatened to strike if their demands for higher wages are not granted.

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