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2008.06.06(Review of 2006.02.17 edition)

Welcome back! It's time to introduce the final step of our 5-step program for improving workplace performance. It's the payoff for following Steps 1 through 4!

Today's Lesson


  • Something or someone is productive if they make a large amount of something or if they achieve a good result.

    Productivity is the rate at which goods are made or the rate at which a person, office, etc. does useful work.
  • productive とは、人やものが何かを大量に生産したり、良い業績をあげたりする、つまり、生産力のある、という意味です。

    productivity とは、商品の生産量や、人や会社などが実質的に生産に与える率、つまり、生産性のことです。



  1. This is our most productive plant. Its output is nearly double that of the other three combined.
  2. (supervisor to new hire)
    You know, you could be a lot more productive if you just learned how to streamline routine work.
  3. We sure got a lot accomplished this afternoon! I wish all our meetings were so productive.
  4. I'm hoping this new software will help me to work more productively.
  5. Productivity at the assembly plant has increased by 30% since we replaced the aging equipment and set up a more frequent maintenance schedule.
  6. Many people are surprised to find that taking frequent short breaks can actually improve their productivity.

英会話レッスンNow forget about being efficient and productive and just kick back and enjoy the weekend - with the WordMaster's blessing!