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2008.08.04(Review of 2000.09.25 and 2002.02.07 edition)


In just four days, the world gathers in Beijing for the spectacular start of the 2008 Summer Olympics! This week we count down to Friday's Opening Ceremony by bringing you some WordMaster highlights from past Olympic and sports specials. If the coming editions get you excited and talking about the Games, then we've done our job well. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson


  • A competition is a game, contest, or similar event in which people try to run faster, jump higher, sing better, etc., than other people.

    To compete is to be in a competition.

    A competitor is a person or team in a competition.
  • competition とは、他の人よりも速く走ったり、高く飛んだり、うまく歌おうと競い合う、試合やコンテストなどの催しのことです。

    compete は、試合やコンテストに出る、つまり、競争する、という意味です。

    competitor とは、スポーツの試合や、その他のコンテストなどに出場する人やチーム、つまり、競争相手のことです。



  1. The women's gymnastics competition is one of the most popular events of the Summer Olympic Games.
  2. My piano teacher played in the Berlitz International Piano Competition three times and won twice.
  3. James hurt his leg during training, so he won't be able to compete in the race tomorrow.
  4. (interviewer to a Turkish weightlifter)
    How does it feel to be competing in your fourth Olympics?
  5. I'm not competing for prizes or money. I just enjoy competing against other great golfers.
  6. The spectators stood up and cheered wildly as the two competitors entered the boxing ring.

英会話レッスンGood luck, Team Japan!!