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For Life
2005.10.11(Review of 2002.02.06 edition)

Greetings, and welcome back from the long weekend! We know that a lot of our readers spent the weekend watching their children compete in school sports festivals or watching the pros play in televised events. Well, this week we move the spotlight away from the athletes and on to you, the ...

Today's Lesson


  • A spectator is a person who watches an event but doesn't participate in it.

    A spectator sport is one that many people watch, such as baseball and soccer.
  • spectator とは、イベントを見ているだけで、それに参加しない人、つまり観客のことをいいます。

    spectator sport とは、観客が多いスポーツ、例えば、野球やサッカーなどのことをいいます。


  1. The most exciting day of my life was when I played in front of thousands of spectators at Koshien Stadium.
  2. Spectators will not be allowed to bring food or drinks into the stadium.
  3. There were spectators waving flags all along the parade route as the King and Queen drove by.
  4. Spectator sports, like professional football and baseball, are big business.
  5. I love to play chess, but I've never thought of it as a spectator sport.

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