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For Life
2006.12.04(Review of 2002.02.04 edition)

We gave you a first peek at it on Friday, and now it has arrived in earnest. Welcome to our two-week celebration of the 2006 Asian Games! From now until the Games end, we'll be introducing you to a set of key expressions for talking about this gathering of Asia's finest athletes.

Now, let the Games begin!

Today's Lesson
EVENT   催し物、競技種目


  • An event is a planned gathering of people, such as a party, a movie premiere, or the Asian Games.

    The word event is also used to talk about an individual competition within a larger sports program, such as in the Olympics or the Asian Games.
  • event とは、パーティー、映画の初日、アジア大会などの特別な目的を持った会合、つまり、催し物、行事のことです。

    また、event は、オリンピックやアジア大会などの大規模なスポーツの大会における個々の競技種目、という意味でも使われます。


  1. The Asian Games is Asia's biggest sports event.
  2. The Sapporo Snow Festival is an event that attracts people from all over the world.
  3. Tom and Sharon's wedding should be quite an event. They've invited over 200 guests.
  4. a: What's your favorite Olympic event?
    b: Pairs figure skating.
  5. (an announcement at a school sports festival [運動会])
    The last event of the day will be the 400-meter relay.

英会話レッスンWe'll be back with more exciting action from the world of sports tomorrow!