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2005.08.29(Review of 2000.11.11 edition)

Greetings, at the start of what's sure to be a great week! We're glad your plans included us!

And we're proud to present to you the latest WordMaster edition! It's a review of a classic edition from the year 2000!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
よくある、よく起こる vs. 大衆的、人気がある


  • Something is common when it is found in many places or often occurs; for example, colds and flu in winter and rain in the Amazon.

    Something is popular if many people like it; for example, a hit song, a movie star with many fans, or an amusement park that gets thousands of visitors every day.

    Be Careful! Something can be both common and popular; for example, a fast-food restaurant that everyone likes (= popular) and that has stores in many places around the city (= common).
  • 多くの場所でよく見かけたり、よくある物事のことを common と言います。例えば、冬に流行るかぜやインフルエンザ、アマゾンに降る雨などです。

    多くの人が好きな物事のことを popular と言います。例えば、ヒット曲、多くのファンがいる映画スター、毎日何千人もの人々が訪れる遊園地などです。

    注意:commonpopular な物もあります。例えば、市内に店舗がたくさんあって (= common)、人気のある (= popular) ファーストフード店などのことです。


  1. Crime isn't as common in the city as it used to be. I think the new mayor has done a great job.
  2. It's becoming very common to see people working on their laptops in coffee shops.
  3. a: Linda's really popular, isn't she?
    b: Of course. She's one of the friendliest girls in school.
  4. Because cell phones are so popular these days, public phones have become less common.

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