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For Life
2005.06.02(Review of 2002.02.08 edition)


What things do you associate with today's WordMaster? A bouquet of orchids and a handful of rice at the chapel door? A bride in white kimono with downturned eyes? Or a smiling, blushing bride in white lace and flowing train? Although the details may differ, it's always an event to remember!

Today's Lesson
CEREMONY   儀式、式典


  • A ceremony is a formal event performed on important occasions - such as weddings, funerals, and graduations - which often includes fixed actions and words.
  • ceremony は、大切な出来事のあるときに行われる公式の行事、つまり、儀式、式典という意味です。決まった作法や言葉に則って行われることが多く、例として、結婚式、葬式、卒業式などがあります。


  1. I went to Susan's wedding last Sunday. The ceremony was beautiful!
  2. Olympic opening ceremonies are always exciting, but the closing ceremonies make me sad. I never want the Games to end.
  3. Many Olympic athletes cry at medal ceremonies. I've even seen big weightlifters with tears in their eyes.
  4. Margaret is studying Japanese tea ceremony at the Rainbow Culture Center on Tuesday nights.

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