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2006.10.10(Review of 2000.08.02 edition)

Welcome back!

We have Health and Sports Day to thank for that lovely three-day weekend we just enjoyed. So let's return the favor by devoting this week to some of the most important words in the world of sports!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
WIN vs. BEAT   勝つ vs. 打ち負かす


  • To win is to score the most points or finish first in a game, race, or other competition or to receive a medal, trophy, or other prize.

    To beat a person or team is to win a game, race, or other competition against them.

    Be Careful! The kind of words used after win and beat are different. You win a COMPETITION or PRIZE. But you beat a PERSON or TEAM.
  • win とは、試合やレース、その他の競争で、最高得点を獲得したり、一位になったりする、あるいは、メダルやトロフィー、その他の賞を受け取る、つまり、勝つ、という意味です。

    beat は、試合やレース、その他の競争で、人やチームに対して勝利する、つまり、相手を打ち負かす、という意味です。

    注意:winbeat は、後ろにくる単語が異なります。winは、COMPETITION や PRIZEを伴い、beat は、PERSON や TEAM を伴います。


  1. (children playing chess)
    Checkmate. I win!
  2. a: How did Tom do in the singing contest?
    b: He won 2nd prize.
  3. (during the middle of a baseball game)
    a: What's the score?
    b: Our team's winning 5 to 3.
  4. a: Do you think they can beat Spain tomorrow?
    b: I don't think so. Spain has won this tournament three years in a row.
  5. (two fictional sports news headlines)
    The Tigers beat the Panthers 95 to 93 in overtime.

    Five-year-old Betsy Evans beat Johnny Kraft to win this year's “Shiritori” World Cup.
  6. My daughter always beats me at cards.

英会話レッスンHave a great day, and we'll see you here again tomorrow!