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These days, this seems to be Issue #1 among earth scientists!

Today's Lesson
CLIMATE (CHANGE)   気候(の変化)


  • The climate of an area is the weather or weather patterns that are typical of the area.

    Climate change is a long-term change in the usual weather patterns of an area - for example, global warming - especially when caused by human activity.
  • climate とは、ある地域の天気や、その地域の典型的な天候パターンのことです。

    climate change とは、例えば地球温暖化のように、特に人間の活動によって引き起こされた、ある地域における天候パターンの長期的変化のことです。



  1. The climate in that part of the country didn't suit me - too much rain and not enough sun.
  2. When I retire, I'd like to move somewhere with a dry, sunny climate.
  3. The city has a warm climate, lots of outdoor activities, and a low cost of living.
  4. They say that cities on the coast will be hit hard by climate change because ocean levels are rising.
  5. a: Doesn't it seem like we've been having more typhoons these last few years?
    b: It's probably because of global climate change. Weather patterns are changing everywhere.

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