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For Life
2005.07.11(Review of 2002.07.09 edition)

Hi, and welcome back to WordMaster!

With the summer holidays soon to be here, we thought it was time to do honor to that extraordinary object in the sky that is the source and meaning of the summer. So in the words of that late great singer-songwriter from Liverpool ? Here comes ...

Today's Lesson
THE SUN   太陽、日光


  • The sun is our nearest star and gives light and heat to the earth.

    The light and heat from the sun are themselves sometimes called the sun.
  • the sun(太陽)は、地球に最も近い恒星で、地球に光と熱をもたらします。

    太陽の光や熱そのもののことを the sun(日光)と言うこともあります。


  1. The sun is very high in the sky in tropical countries.
  2. The sun sets at about 7 p.m. these days.
  3. Wouldn't you rather do something outside, while the sun is out?
  4. I'm leaving for Guam tomorrow. I'm going to spend the whole week at the beach lying in the sun.
  5. a: You look nice and brown.
    b: Thanks. I was out in the sun all weekend.
  6. The sun on my back feels great when I'm cycling in the countryside.
  7. The sun is strong here, so be sure you drink lots of water.