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Hello, and welcome back! Saturday is Earth Day, a day for people throughout the world to think about the planet we share and the environmental problems we all face. So that's what we'll be doing too, all this week. Thank you for joining us!

Today's Lesson


  • Global warming is an increase in the world's average temperatures, especially as thought to be caused by the increase of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases in the air.
  • global warming とは、地球の平均気温が上昇することです。特に、大気中の二酸化炭素(CO2)や、ほかの気体の増加によってもたらされると考えられています。


  1. Many scientists believe that global warming is real and that temperatures around the world will continue to increase.
  2. a: What can I do to help slow down global warming?
    b: Just try to use less energy.
  3. Many people living in areas along the coast are worried about global warming because it might cause sea levels to rise.

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