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For Life
2005.09.26(Review of 2002.10.10 edition)

Welcome back from the weekend! This week we look at life after the working years. We begin with a WordMaster that can either mean an unwelcome end to a satisfying occupation or the beginning of real living. Which will it be for you?

Today's Lesson
RETIRE   退職する


  • To retire is to stop working because you have reached a particular age - usually 60 or 65 - or because your health is poor.
  • retire は、特定の年齢(普通、60歳か65歳)に達したため、また、体の具合がよくないためなどの理由で仕事をやめる、つまり退職する・引退するという意味です。


  1. I'm investing in stocks because I'd like to retire early.
  2. My father has played golf every day of his life since he retired.
  3. It has always been my dream to move to Hokkaido and live in the country when I retire.
  4. I never want to retire. I love my job!

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