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2007.06.29(Review of 2001.05.01 edition)

Hello again!

We hope the sun is shining wherever you are and that you are warm, dry, and happy. And here's some happy news: We've brought you your Friday WordMaster!

Today's Lesson
RAINY / SUNNY / etc.   雨降りの/晴れた/など


  • Many nouns used to talk about the weather can be made into adjectives by adding “-y” at the end. Here are some examples and their meanings:
  • 天候を表す名詞の多くは、語尾に-yをつけて形容詞をつくることができます。 いくつか例を挙げてみましょう。

    rain雨rainy雨降りのsun太陽  sunny晴れた(日が照って明るい)、日当たりのよいcloud 雲cloudy 曇ったwind風windy風の吹く、風の強いsnow雪snowy雪の降る、雪の多いfog霧foggy霧の立ちこめた

RAINY / SUNNY / etc.


  1. During the rainy season, there are sometimes whole weeks without a single sunny day.
  2. The weather in that part of the country has been much rainier than usual.
  3. I like being at the beach on cloudy days because then I don't have to wear sunscreen.
  4. It's too windy outside to play badminton today.
  5. Niigata Prefecture is one of the snowiest places in the world.
  6. They say that London is foggy, but we only had one foggy day the whole time we were there.

英会話レッスンWe wish you sunny skies this weekend! Bye!