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For Life
2007.07.02(Review of 2003.06.30 edition)

Hello! It's great to be back!

Mondays are always an exciting time for us because it's on this day that the new week and a new English adventure begins ... usually. Actually, we're already mid-adventure, aren't we? Because this is Week 2 of our series celebrating the rainy season. So take out your umbrella and join us for more wet and wonderful WordMaster fun!

Today's Lesson
WET / DRY   ぬれた/乾いた


  • Something is wet if it is covered in water (or another liquid). A day, season, area, etc. is wet if it rains a lot.

    Something is dry if it is not wet. A day, season, area, etc. is dry if it rains little or not at all.
  • wet は、何かが、水や他の液体がかかったり、しみ込んだ状態をさします。つまり、ぬれている、という意味です。日や季節、地域に関して wet を使うと、雨がよく降る日、季節、地域、という意味になります。

    dry は、ぬれていない状態、つまり、乾いている、という意味です。日や季節、地域に関して dry を使うと、雨がほとんど降らない、または全く降らない、という意味になります。



  1. Be careful driving. It's been raining all day, and the roads are sure to be wet and slippery.
  2. a: Look at you! How did you get so wet?
    b: I forgot my umbrella.
  3. It looks like it's going to be another wet day. Why don't we rent a couple of movies and stay home?
  4. You can't wear that shirt. It's not even dry yet.
  5. The dry climate in some northern African countries makes it difficult to grow enough food to feed everyone.

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