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Hi! Today's WordMaster follows nicely from yesterday's and is well-timed to help you talk about more summer activities. Give it a look!

Today's Lesson
INDOOR / OUTDOOR   屋内の/野外の、戸外の (形容詞)


  • Indoor means located, happening, or for use inside.

    Outdoor means located, happening, or for use outside.
  • indoor は、屋内の、という意味の形容詞で、建物の中にある、建物の中で行われる、建物の中で使われる、などと言いたいときに使います。

    outdoor は、野外の、戸外の、という意味の形容詞で、外にある、外で行われる、外で使われる、などと言いたいときに使います。


  1. The resort has an indoor swimming pool and tennis courts.
  2. I'm looking for a woman who enjoys outdoor sports.
  3. (on the phone with hotel Reservations)
    What kinds of outdoor activities are available in the area?
  4. Let's find a nice outdoor cafe and spend a few hours people-watching.

Take the rest of the day and make it marvelous!