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2006.08.28(Review of 2004.06.22 edition)

It's the final week of summer vacation for schoolchildren around the country, so we're spending it at the seaside, because nothing beats a summer day by the sea!

And whether you crave sand between your toes or firmer ground for strolling, you'll do well to read today's WordMaster!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
COAST vs. BEACH   海岸、湖岸 vs. (海、湖などの)浜


  • A coast is land that lies along (or near) the edge of the sea or a large lake.

    A beach is an area of sand or small rocks that lies along the edge of the sea, a lake, or other body of water.
  • coast は、海や大きな湖に接した(または、その近くの)陸地、つまり、海岸や湖岸のことです。

    beach は、海や湖など、水辺の砂や小石のある場所、つまり、浜のことです。


  1. I've always dreamed of owning a house on the coast.
  2. We took a trip to the Japan Sea coast during Obon.
  3. Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast of the United States is one of the most beautiful roads in the country.
  4. There aren't any good beaches on the northern coast of the island.
  5. Walking barefoot along a sandy beach is a real pleasure.
  6. Tomorrow we're going to take the kids and spend the day at the beach.
  7. How about going to Shonan Beach this weekend?
  8. Phuket is one of Thailand's most popular beach resorts.

英会話レッスンWe'll be back with the tide tomorrow!