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2011.11.14 (Review of 2007.08.20 edition)

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When considering where to locate a new business, talks with colleagues might include words like workforce, infrastructure, regulations, and business climate. But when talking with your family about a possible move, what expressions might we hear then? Well, we're glad you asked! And we're glad that you've decided to join us for the first of five editions that should answer that question nicely!

Today's Lesson


  • The cost of living is the amount of money necessary to pay for basic needs like food and housing in a particular city, country, etc.
  • cost of living とは、ある都市や国において、食料や住居費など基本的な必需品をまかなうのに必要な金額、つまり、生活費のことです。



  1. I'd like to retire somewhere where the cost of living is low so that my money goes further.
  2. The book is filled with great tips on how to beat the high cost of living.
  3. As the cost of living increases, it becomes more difficult for people on a fixed income to make ends meet.
  4. (head of HR to employee)
    Of course, if you're transferred to London, you'll be getting a cost-of-living allowance. Things are quite a bit more expensive there, you know.

英会話レッスンYes, the cost of living may be getting higher, but at WordMaster, the cost of LEARNING has never been so low!