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We end this week with a career milestone that really marks a new - and sometimes very exciting - beginning for many people. Although it may simply mean a move to a different floor, if you hit the jackpot it might mean starting a new life on a different continent! And how many of us haven't dreamed of working in Paris, Rio, Beijing, or New York City?

Today's Lesson
TRANSFER   異動(させる)、転勤(させる)


  • To transfer an employee is to move the employee to another department, an office in another city, etc.

    A transfer is an act of transferring someone or being transferred.
  • 社員について transfer と言うと、その社員を違う部署や違う都市にあるオフィスなどに異動させる、という意味になります。

    名詞の transfer は、転勤のことです。


  1. After I pay my dues at headquarters for a few years, I'm hoping they'll transfer me to one of our European offices.
  2. Ryan is being transferred to the Quality Control Unit.
  3. (employee to supervisor)
    I'd like to request a transfer.
  4. My husband's transfer to Osaka surprised us all. I don't think the kids and I will be able to join him until next year.

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