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2009.10.27 (Review of 2007.05.24 edition)

As far as most companies are concerned, good government is hands-off government. But when a government needs to take a more active role in business affairs, here's its favorite tool!

Today's Lesson
REGULATE   規制する、管理する


  • To regulate an activity, industry, etc., is to control it with rules or laws.

    A regulation is an official rule or law.
  • 活動や産業などについて regulate と言うと、それらを規則や法律にのっとって調整する、つまり、規制する、管理する、という意味になります。

    regulation とは、公的な規則や法律のことです。



  1. Laws regulating traffic are designed to improve safety and traffic flow.
  2. The government intends to more carefully regulate the banking industry in order to avoid another financial crisis.
  3. All tobacco sales are regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
  4. (government fire inspector to theater owner)
    Under the new fire-safety regulations, a theater of this size will need at least four emergency exits.
  5. (new restaurant owner)
    I've already spent $25,000 making sure we comply with (= obey) current federal health regulations. If regulations get any stricter, I could be forced out of business.
  6. The state government has begun easing some of its more aggressive environmental regulations in order to encourage greater investment.
  7. (country club employee to new member)
    Please read the rules and regulations of the club and make sure you understand them before using the facilities.

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