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2009.11.24(Review of 2007.05.22 edition)

Greetings, and welcome back from the three-day weekend honoring those who put bread on our tables, clothes on our backs, and roofs over our heads. In the U.S., this day is called Labor Day. It's celebrated in early September and is traditionally the last day of summer vacation for students. The English name for Japan's version of this holiday is Labor Thanksgiving Day.

Now, after all that, would it surprise you to learn that “Labor” is this week's theme?

Today's Lesson
WORKFORCE   労働人口、労働力、従業員


  • An area's workforce is the group of people living there who are either employed or looking for work.

    An organization's workforce is the group of people employed by the organization.
  • workforce とは、ある地域の住民のうち、就業または求職している人々、つまり、労働人口、労働力のことです。

    また、workforce は、ある組織に雇用されている人々、つまり、従業員をさすこともあります。



  1. The business climate there is excellent. Taxes are low and there's a well-educated workforce of over 15 million people.
  2. Building the factory at that site would give us access to a skilled workforce of 2.7 million people living within a 30-mile radius.
  3. With the graying of the country's workforce, there are serious concerns about the future of the national pension system.
  4. The company is in serious trouble and is being forced to lay off nearly half of its workforce.
  5. We're the industry leader for the simple reason that we have the industry's most talented workforce.

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