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2009.01.27(Review of 2006.07.20 edition)

Hello again! Busy earning your pay? Well, thanks for taking time out to join us!

Today's Lesson


  • In business, an allowance is an amount of money given to an employee to pay for specific expenses, such as housing, meals, transportation, or business travel.
  • 職場環境において allowance と言うと、住宅、食事、通勤や出張など、特定の支出をまかなうために、従業員に支払われる金銭をさします。



  1. According to the terms of employment, you will receive a transportation allowance of $300 a month. That should be more than enough to pay for a subway pass.
  2. As part of my compensation package, I get a $25,000 housing allowance and the use of a company car.
  3. The travel allowance covers the cost of your flight, ground transportation, accommodation, and meals.
  4. A cost-of-living allowance is an increase in someone's annual salary when they are transferred to a more expensive city.

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