@Work 2010.11.29
Greetings! We begin this week with a riddle: Name a type of war that can involve multiple countries, lasts for years, but has no casualties (= no one is hurt or killed). ... Give up? Well, the answer is a “trade war”, the topic for this week.

We'll start by looking at two expressions often used to talk about global trade. Then on Wednesday, we'll begin to look at the weapons of choice when countries clash. So prepare for battle! The trade wars are about to begin!
Today's Lesson

MULTINATIONAL   多国籍の、多国籍企業


If a corporation, conference, etc., is multinational (adjective), it operates in or involves several (usually three or more) countries.

Such a corporation can also be called a multinational (noun).
multinational (形容詞)は、企業や会議などが、複数(通常、3つ以上)の国を拠点に事業をする、または、複数の国が参加する、つまり、多国籍の、という意味です。

そのような多国籍企業をさして、multinational (名詞)と言うこともできます。


1 Some of the largest multinational corporations are oil companies.
2 He's the leader of a multinational team of researchers working on the problem of hazardous waste disposal in developing countries.
3 The special character set in the latest upgrade of our word processing program includes the logos for 147 multinationals.
英会話レッスン Good luck, soldier!