HAZARDOUS (waste)の意味、有害な(廃棄物)

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Hello again! If you're nursing a post-Earth Day hangover, then you should feel a special connection to today's edition!

Today's Lesson
HAZARDOUS (waste)   有害な(廃棄物)


  • If something is hazardous, it's dangerous.
  • hazardous とは、危険である、という意味です。



  1. Logging is a very hazardous occupation.
  2. The plant was shut down after a routine inspection found the air quality inside to be potentially hazardous to the health of the workers.
  3. They've been dumping hazardous waste into the lake for years, but the environmental impacts are only now beginning to be understood.
  4. A group of specialists will get together next week to discuss best practices for handling and disposing of commonly used hazardous chemicals.

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