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2005.04.28(Review of 2004.03.08 edition)

One of these can turn a nightmare in the skies into a heavenly dream!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違えやすいボキャブラリー
UPGRADE   格上げする、性能を高める


  • To upgrade means to improve the quality of something (for example, the class of service you receive on a flight) or the performance of something (for example, a computer or software).

    An upgrade (n.) is an improvement of this kind.

    Be Careful! The expression “grade up” is Japanese-English and is NOT used to mean upgrade.
  • upgrade は、何かの品質の等級や性能を上げる、という意味です。例えば、飛行機などで、ランクが上の座席を得る、という場合にも使えますし、コンピューターやソフトウェアのバージョンアップをする、というときにも使えます。

    upgrade は、昇格、改善、などという意味で名詞としても使えます。

    注意:「グレードアップ」は、和製英語です。upgrade という意味で使うことはできません。


  1. (passenger to travel agent)
    My company always pays for economy class seats, but this is a very long flight. How much will it cost to upgrade to business class?
  2. (airline employee to passenger)
    All of our business class seats are full on this flight, so we'll be giving you a free upgrade to first class.
  3. They just came out with an upgrade for my favorite media player, but it costs $49.95.

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