(post-war) DEVELOPMENTの意味、(戦後の)発展

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Today's edition is dedicated to the men and women responsible for Japan's economic miracle. Those were exciting times, weren't they?

Today's Lesson
(post-war) DEVELOPMENT   (戦後の)発展


  • If a country or other area, industry, etc., develops, it grows or becomes more advanced.

    The noun form is development.
  • develop とは、国やその他の地域、産業などが成長したり、進歩したりする、つまり、発展する、という意味です。

    名詞形は development で、発展、という意味です。

(post-war) DEVELOPMENT


  1. The World Bank is urging the country to aggressively develop its private sector.
  2. The company has developed from a single-store corner grocery to a chain of over 500 big-box supermarkets throughout North America.
  3. I'd never been to a developing country before, so my trip to Cambodia was a real eye-opener.
  4. I just finished reading a fascinating book about Japan's post-war development.
  5. She works for a non-profit organization that promotes economic development in Africa.

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