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2009.02.12(Review of 2006.03.30 edition)

Today's WordMaster is a magical symbol that can turn anything it touches into gold. Take, for example, a T-shirt that costs $5 to produce, place the magical symbol upon it, and voila! Suddenly you're able to sell it for five, even ten times what it cost!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
LOGO   ロゴ


  • A logo is a design or symbol used by an organization in advertising, on signs and letterhead, etc.

    Be Careful! In the United States, it's more common to use the word logo than “logo mark” (like the Japanese ロゴマーク).
  • logo とは、組織が広告や看板、レターヘッドなどに入れるデザインや記号、つまりロゴのことです。

    注意:アメリカでは、日本語のように logo mark(ロゴマーク)と言うより、単に logo と言う方が一般的です。



  1. The little man in the WordMaster logo is wearing a mortarboard - a square cap that used to be worn by schoolteachers.
  2. Let's keep the company logo simple so that it's easy for people to recognize and remember.
  3. Changing your company's corporate image will take a lot more than just changing the company logo.
  4. Well-known athletes are sometimes paid to promote a company's products by wearing clothes with the brand logo on them.

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