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2008.04.23(Review of 2003.12.05 edition)


We didn't want to let April go by without taking a second look at this @Work edition from 2003. We hope all the new recruits out there are faring well and enjoying their new jobs!

Today's Lesson
RECRUIT   採用する、募集する


  • To recruit (v.) is to find or persuade new people to join an organization.

    A recruit (n.) is someone who has recently joined an organization.

    A recruiter is someone whose job is to find or persuade new people to join an organization.
  • 動詞の recruit は、組織に加わる新しい人材を見つける、もしくは加わるよう勧める、という意味です。

    名詞の recruit は、最近組織に新しく加わった人のことです。

    recruiter とは、組織に加わる新しい人材を見つけ出したり、勧めたりすることを仕事としている人です。



  1. The company has been able to recruit some of the best and brightest in the nation since it was voted “America's Most Innovative Small Manufacturer” by Berlitz Biz magazine.
  2. We've outsourced a human resources firm to recruit a team of environmental research specialists for our new Global Resources Project.
  3. (veteran employees at a Tokyo office in April)
    a: What do you think of the new recruits?
    b: They all seem so young! Has it really been that long since we first joined the company?
  4. I've had a satisfying career as a corporate recruiter.
  5. Recruiters from over 35 medium- and large-sized companies will be on campus next week conducting interviews with interested applicants.

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