AGREE TO、ACCEPTの意味、~に賛成する、受け入れる

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2008.05.19(Review of 2006.03.06 edition)

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Important decisions make for great drama in the workplace. When you're waiting on an answer from a client about a business deal you've proposed or from your boss about that much-anticipated transfer to New York City, there are certain words you long to hear and others you absolutely dread. Today through Thursday, you'll be hearing a lot about both kinds!

Today's Lesson
AGREE TO / ACCEPT   ~に賛成する/受け入れる


  • To agree to or accept a request, suggestion, proposal, offer, etc. is to say yes to it.
  • agree toaccept は、要望や助言、提案、申し出などに同意する、という意味です。



  1. (fictional news report)
    Company representatives announced this morning that they've agreed to an $11 billion merger with Berlitz Manufacturing.
  2. (notice on a Web site)
    By accessing this Web site, you agree to the Terms of Use explained below.
  3. I have good news. They've accepted our proposal!
  4. (an e-mail response to human resources)
    I've decided to accept your kind offer of employment and would like to meet with you to discuss the details.

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