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2007.02.19(Review of 2004.04.30 edition)


If there's anything that characterizes our times, it is change. In business, one of the most dramatic - and traumatic - examples of change is the topic of today's edition and the theme of the week. Thanks for joining us for this important set of WordMasters.

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
RESTRUCTURE   (企業を)再編成する


  • To restructure a company (or other organization) is to change the way it is organized, usually so that it can operate more efficiently and effectively. Such changes may include, for example, reducing and reorganizing staff; closing down certain operations and selling off assets; or changing the terms of the company's debt.

    Be Careful! “Risutora” (リストラ) is Japanese-English.
  • restructure は、通常、より効率的で効果的な経営ができるように、企業などで組織改革をする、という意味です。この改革には、例えば、従業員の削減や配置転換、特定部門の閉鎖、資産の売却、企業のもつ債務の条件変更などが含まれます。



  1. (CEO speaking to the Board)
    We can no longer ignore the serious financial difficulties that challenge this company. Unless we restructure this organization to streamline operations and reduce costs, we may soon be faced with bankruptcy.
  2. As part of corporate restructuring, several “nonessential” departments at headquarters were downsized and two factories were closed, resulting in nearly 800 layoffs.
  3. It is rumored that the corporation will soon have to undergo (= experience) restructuring and is looking for a new CEO to make the difficult decisions that lie ahead.

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