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Hello again! It's our great privilege to present to you the Wednesday WordMaster!

Today's Lesson
CAPACITY   収容力、容量、生産能力


  • Capacity is the amount of something that a place or container can hold.

    It's also the amount of something that a factory, machine, business, etc., can produce or handle.
  • capacity とは、場所や容器に入るものの量のことです。




  1. Most of the tanker trucks in our fleet have a 15,000-liter capacity.
  2. What's the storage capacity of your external hard drive?
  3. The company dormitories are filled to capacity, but there are no plans to construct more.
  4. If you've got any ideas about how to increase manufacturing capacity at the plant, I'd love to hear about them.
  5. Even if we were to work around the clock operating at full capacity, we still couldn't meet that deadline.
  6. It seems they've been producing oil below capacity in order to decrease supply and drive up prices.

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