HANDLE、DEAL WITHの意味、~を担当する、対処する、処理する、対処する、~と取引する

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2011.01.27(Review of 2007.03.01 and 2007.03.02 edition)

Here are two more expressions you can use to explain what's keeping you busy from 9-to-5!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
(責任を持って)~を担当する、対処する、処理する vs. 対処する、~と取引する


  • To handle or deal with something can mean to take action in order to accomplish it (for example, a task), solve it (for example, a problem), etc.

    To handle something can also mean to be responsible for it.

    In business, to deal with a person or organization is to correspond, talk, meet, do business, etc., with them.
  • handle または deal with とは、例えばある任務を完了するため、あるいは、何らかの問題を解決するために行動を取る、という意味です。

    handle は、何かに対して責任を負う、という意味でも使います。

    ビジネスの場で deal with を使った場合は、人や組織と取引する、という意味になります。つまり、(その人や組織と)連絡を取る、話す、会う、仕事をするということです。



  1. Can you handle my calls today? I need to focus on getting this purchasing order done.
  2. a: Boy, that customer was really upset, wasn't he?
    b: Yes, but I thought you handled the situation very well. Maybe I'll have you deal with all customer complaints from now on.
  3. This issue is too complex to be dealt with now. Let's handle it at the next department meeting.
  4. Our firm handles payroll operations for about 70 small to mid-sized companies.
  5. a: What do you do at the company?
    b: I work in IT. I handle troubleshooting and system upgrading.
  6. a: I always think it's important to be a good listener when dealing with clients, don't you?
    b: Huh? What did you say?
  7. We deal with all types of companies. Every business has need of the kind of services we offer.

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