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2008.06.16(Review of 2005.09.26 edition)


In the late 18th century, iron machines powered by coal and steam arrived on Planet Earth and forged a new world, utterly transforming the agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation of the time. No, these were not the creations of some alien race sent to aid humankind - they were the inventions of brilliant men and women of vision. This week, we look at the engine room of the Industrial Revolution. Join us as we spend some time “On the Factory Floor!”

Today's Lesson


  • A factory is a building or a group of buildings where goods are made using machines.
  • factory とは、機械を使って商品を生産している建物または建物群、つまり、工場のことです。



  1. There used to be a chocolate factory on the west side of town. They made 10,000 chocolate bars a day there, and when the wind was right, you could smell the chocolate from miles away.
  2. My grandmother worked as a packer for 20 years in a factory that produced soap and shampoo.
  3. We have full-time positions available for highly skilled factory workers able to work nights.
  4. (an auto dealer's service department)
    All of our mechanics are factory-trained and certified to service your vehicle.
  5. Since merchandise comes direct from the factory, factory outlet stores can offer deep discounts.

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