MEET (a deadline)の意味、(締め切りに)間に合う

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We've only just begun, and yet it's nearly time to say goodbye to you once again. Yes, the WordMaster begins his New Year's holiday tomorrow along with the rest of nation and will return on Tuesday the 4th to ring in the year 2011.

And now, here's this year's final edition of Berlitz WordMaster@Work, right on schedule!

Today's Lesson
MEET (a deadline)   (締め切りに)間に合う


  • To meet a deadline is to finish something by the deadline.

    To meet someone's demands, needs, expectations, etc., is to satisfy their demands, etc., or to do what is required.
  • meet a deadline は、何かを締め切りまでに終わらせる、つまり、締め切りに間に合う、という意味です。

    人の要求や需要、期待などについて meet と言うと、その要求などを満たす、または、要求されたことをする、という意味になります。

MEET (a deadline)


  1. I'm already a week behind schedule. At this rate, I may not be able to meet the deadline.
  2. We guarantee we'll meet or exceed your expectations or we'll give you your money back.
  3. Sales reps who meet their annual sales targets by the end of the third quarter will get a $5000 bonus.
  4. (labor representative to management)
    Unless our demands are met soon, we'll have no alternative but to strike.
  5. They weren't able to find a textbook that met their high standards, so they wrote one themselves.

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