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2011.11.16 (Review of 2007.08.22 edition)

There's no denying that material comforts can contribute to a happy life, but they can't bring us happiness on their own. If you want to be really content, here's an expression that'll get you there. It includes yesterday's "standard of living" and so much more!

Today's Lesson CATEGORY: イディオム


  • Your quality of life is the degree to which you are able to enjoy life as a result of your material comforts, health, relationships, job satisfaction, and the other conditions of your life.

    Be Careful! On Monday and Tuesday, we introduced the expressions "cost of living" and "standard of living". But today's expression is quality of LIFE, NOT "quality of LIVING".
  • quality of life とは、物質面での快適さ、健康、人間関係、働きがい、人生におけるその他の条件などを総合した結果、人生をどのくらい楽しめるか、つまり、生活の質、という意味です。

    注意:月曜日と火曜日に紹介した表現は cost of living と standard of living でしたが、今日の表現は quality of LIFE です。quality of LIVING ではありません。



  1. I'll be taking a cut in pay, but I think moving to a smaller city will improve our quality of life considerably.
  2. According to a well-known retirement magazine, residents of this city enjoy the highest quality of life in the country.
  3. After having laser surgery on my eyes, I noticed a real difference in my quality of life.
  4. The magazine Berlitz Traveler recently ranked Tokyo 4th in the world among large cities for overall quality of life.

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