CUT (prices)の意味、(値段を)下げる、削減する、値引き、削減

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2009.12.22 (Review of 2006.12.27 edition)

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Today's Lesson
CUT (prices)   (値段を)下げる、削減する/値引き、削減


  • To cut (verb) prices, wages, working hours, etc., is to reduce them.

    The noun form is also cut.
  • 動詞の cut とは、価格や賃金などを下げる、または労働時間などを減らす、という意味です。

    名詞形も cut で、値引き、削減、という意味です。

CUT (prices)


  1. We need to come up with ways to cut costs without compromising on quality service.
  2. (fictional news report)
    Berlitz Airlines has announced that it will be cutting prices on all domestic routes. This move is expected to lead to similar price cuts among the other major carriers.
  3. I will only consider staff cuts as a last resort.
  4. The union has agreed to a 15% across-the-board pay cut in exchange for management's promise that there will be no layoffs and no cuts in employee benefits.

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