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2011.11.09 (Review of 2007.02.22 edition)

Not everyone without a job is unemployed. Some people have graduated on to more important things!

Today's Lesson
RETIREMENT   退職、退職後の生活


  • Someone is retired if they have stopped working, usually because they have reached a particular age - often 60 or 65 - or because their health is poor.

    Retirement is the act of becoming retired or the period of your life that begins when you stop working.
  • retired は、通常、一定の年齢(多くの場合、60歳か65歳)に達したり、健康を害したりしたために、働くのをやめた状態、つまり、退職した、という意味です。

    retirement は、退職すること、または、人生において仕事をやめてからの期間のことです。



  1. He's retired and living in a small resort town in southern Honshu.
  2. I'm a retired civil engineer.
  3. a: Did I miss anything interesting at yesterday's meeting?
    b: You sure did! The president announced his retirement.
  4. Do you think the government will raise the retirement age before we turn 60?
  5. George really is enjoying retirement. He's taken up painting and cello, volunteers at our church, and goes fishing with his grandsons almost every weekend.

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